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Looking At “Getting Away from it All”

Looking At “Getting Away from it All”

Our Journey here, comments:

“It was such a beautiful day”.

“It was misty and cloudy and I was worried it wasn’t going to be nice for you, it wouldn’t clear.

“The lambs in the field.”

“We were supposed to pick someone up but they weren’t up to it today, so should we bring some cake back for her.”

“I came through Buckden and Littondale, the clouds were below me.”

“I had a nice beginning, lying in bed looking at the lambs out of my bedroom window, the babies were sleeping around the bottom of a tree trunk and two little lamb’s heads were poking out from under their mother’s tummy.”

The Story 29.4.14

There is a person climbing in wellies, perhaps it is a child, the small person is trapped. This man looks like he is trying to rescue the small child, his feet are barely touching the rock. There is a feeling of trepidation, the man is pleased with himself. He has not fallen in yet! The child is terrified of letting go, the man is bringing him back to confidence. There is a lot of deep water. It must be a boy, girls would have more sense.

The child is trying to climb through to get to the source of the water supply, it is curiosity. We are fortunate, scenes like this happen often here in the Dales. It must have rained which is also not unusual for around here.

When I was a farmer, there was a patch of wild garlic ( Ramson ) and somebody complained that they had tainted the taste of the milk, there were cows around you see. So we used creosote to try to kill them off but they came back again the next year.

Someone must have taken the photo, a third person is there. They would have called for rescue, a hero who knows the land well. He may be a Ranger. A helicopter might arrive. Call the cave rescue, need a rope. It doesn’t look very high up.

Oh! The garlic has lost its flavour – you can use it in salad and use the bulb as garlic.

They climb to the top. They rest as they are tired and now they are in the sunshine.

Maybe the person taking the photo could be the Mum. They are resting. The Mum sent them up to get some Ramsons. Oh no! She is feeling worried she has put them in this situation.

So they have a picnic and they eat Ramsons. They are feeling relieved. They can hear the sound of birds – they may be skylarks. The bird songs are peaceful. They walk on and the waterfall makes lots of noise

They are at the top of the waterfall, setting back home now. I think they have had enough excitement for one day. They see some beautiful old properties on the way home. There are lots of empty properties and might want to live in. They drive and come across an empty house. They go and have a look. There is an owl.

Mum and Dad talk on the way back and ask the boy if he would like to live there, the boy says, “Yes! Yes!” And he is going to get a lovely childhood, so are the parents. He would go to school here. There can’t be many children at school here. What is the local school in this area, Kirby Malham it has 40 children. I went to a small school, we had a maths teacher. We tied his shoe laces to the table. We were very naughty! The teacher was an astronomer,

I suppose that why he taught maths.

Waterfalls are associated with fairies they are magical places. Our lovely family. What a wonderful time. Then there’s a baby, may be they go on to have another child.

Bill is taking this picture, standing in the water and the people in the picture were friends of his.

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