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Looking At – Nothing is Impossible

Looking At – Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible

The journey to Malham Tarn today reminded us of the Lake District and of the farms in winter as you rise up the hill out of Langcliffe, It looks like Capon Hall, locally known as Capner. During the war the winters were so extreme and food was so short that the prisoners of war were sent out to collect food and bring it back to the farms. When the cattle and sheep ran out of food it was air dropped in.

The people in the boat look as though they are trying to fish for food to eat.

They must have extreme patience to be stood in the boat like that.

It looks as though it’s cold, maybe winter, although the cattle are out so maybe more like early Spring. They might catch fish in there occasionally, it’s the Tarn and so there’s bound to be Trout in there and Crayfish.

The other man has a pink dressing gown on, with earphones dangling down. How did he get in the boat? He’s listening for bird or maybe they are special earphones to hear under water.

The Malham Tarn Monster with big horns.

There is something floating on the water, maybe a man’s flat cap or a little dog or a duck?

The fishermen pause because it is so very still.

The man in the pink dressing gown is trying to listen.

Underneath the boat is a cage, a creol for bait.

They are not trying to move – they are just trying to fish – standing in the boat.

Then the one in the pink dressing gown said, “I’m fed up with this! Come on let’s go!”

They decide to pack up, they haven’t caught anything. They consider going back to the Orchid House because it will be warm there but they decide to paddle to a cabin in the woods. They will use the oars to paddle back and are reminded again how very like the Lake District it is here.

They only have one oar and go round in circles for a long while but eventually they reach the wooden cabin in the woods.

Inside the cabin there are lots of cobwebs and mice but also some lunch! There are cheese and onion sandwiches although the one in the pink dressing gown doesn’t like onion so he will have to wait.

There are bunks in the cabin and a little stove. They would like to have a meal but they haven’t caught any fish and so they cook up the sandwiches.

There is a special smell of dampness because the stove is not lit very often. One of them is fed up and the other is accepting it as it is and says, “it’s not as bad as you think.”

The one with the fishing rod says, “Its time we were going, we’ve got several miles to walk before we get to the car, I think it’s time we set off.”

They see some deer on the way which vanish like a flash because they are so shy.

Oh dear there is some language knocking about from the men.

They are called Jack and Paddy.

Paddy is in the pink dressing gown.

They have got to the car but find they have a puncture and have lost the key.They are fed up.

It’s completely unprintable what they say.

They start to walk and they walk for miles, they see lots of frogs and they suddenly find a bar of chocolate in the grass. Paddy picks up the chocolate and he’s not sure if he will share it.

Then they find a birds nest with eggs in it and because they are really hungry now, even though they know it’s a terrible thing to do, they take one of the eggs to eat. It doesn’t last long and there is no salt and pepper but because they are desperate it tastes alright.

Suddenly they hear a dog barking so there could be people about. It will be warning the occupants of the house. They are so desperate they follow the barking and reach a big house on the moors.

A farmer with a big stick appears at one of the upstairs windows and he is threatening the marauders with it.

The men are scared.

They say, “ We are lost and we can’t find our way out of the wood”. The man at the window replies, “Get Off!”

The wife says, “Never mind darling.” She suddenly remembers that she has 3 eggs in the larder and so she decides to make scrambled eggs for them.

“Best meal I’ve had for years” said the men.

“But we’ve still got the problem”.

They want transport to get home. Have they got a phone in the house? “Please could we use it?” To ring someone with a car … could be one of the wives, or Langcliffe Garage. They plead with the garage for a lift home.

The garage man turns up – there’s a mad rush!

I wouldn’t remember where they had left the car! God help them!

The car’s by the Tarn – they are lucky and find it but it’s dark now so they have to hold out a torch. They are feeling like they want to go to bed with a hot drink!

The man from the garage says “I could tell you a lot but I’m not going to! I can’t fix the car ‘til the morning.”

They have to rely on the compassionate farmers wife. So they return in due course with all the beautiful Daffodil flowers they can find. Their wives are in their heads telling them to go and thank her with flowers.

When they arrive back at the farmhouse with an armful of Daffodils they say, “Would you like some Daffodils to take to church in the morning?”

She says “Go sleep in the hay, in the morning you will be sorted.”

They go to sleep wrapped in sheeps wool and in the morning the birds start singing and the church bells start ringing.

“I’ve forgotten where we are!”

A mechanic brings the car and he rev’s it and they think “thank goodness!”

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