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Looking At – “The Wood Children”

Looking At – “The Wood Children”

‘The Wood Children – a Christmas mystery’

Maybe they are two men, a man and woman or possibly a man and his son, in the deep snow following a path, but no, they are two children.

Feeling excited, they didn’t know what was in the centre of the wood. The snow was melting and snowdrops were appearing, they could hear birds, they didn’t know what type of birds. The moors, now covered in heather, would have looked like this a long, long time ago, covered in trees they thought. It would be good to come back in September when the heather would be out.

They stared at the snow looking for footprints, fairy, Pixie, Reindeer? Ahead of them along the path they saw a herd of reindeer, they disappeared off into the distance. Pheasants could be roosting in these trees they thought, keeping their feet off the cold ground!

Where shall we go? They decided to follow the reindeer. They took a left into the blue wide yonder, there weren’t many tracks now. They were looking for a frozen lake but they couldn’t find one. Thank goodness we have proper clothing on for this cold weather they thought.

They came to a clearing where there is a man with a white beard and red cloak. Is he Father Christmas?

The children are called Miranda and Jacob, or maybe they are called Mary and Joseph, they are sure there must be witches in this wood because there is Wych elm all around them. They feel frightened, we better go home they thought but they had gone too far and didn’t know how to get out. Suddenly a reindeer appeared with a sledge, but it took centuries to reach them. The wood will help them, it will keep them warm. They saw a sheep’s skull, picking it up they blew through it, it made a loud sound, they hoped someone might hear it and find them.

They looked for other tracks maybe there would be some fox tracks which would lead them out.

The children were getting cold but feeling more hopeful, let’s run to get warm and we might find the edge of the wood. Getting thirsty, using a pen knife, they made a pipe from the Wych elm and put some snow down it, with its magical nature, it turns the snow to water. Having drunk some of the magic waters, they are now scared stiff, they are alone. They think they can see witches and the skulls seem to be all around now.

It’s spring time, the reindeers use some moss to light a fire, the children sit by it, the sun is now shining and they are feeling warm and getting brave, they find some wool and make a blanket. They then follow the reindeer tracks and find Father Christmas who say’s “I’ll take you home in time for Christmas.”


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