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Arts & Dementia Carers Group 

Pioneer Projects at Looking Well Studios in Bentham

A carers group meets every month for 2 hours in Bentham. The group is for people who care for someone who is living with dementia. This what the carers say:


‘The carer’s sessions are really important to me and I look forward to each one.’

‘The fact that I can attend these sessions knowing that the person I care for is safely and happily occupied downstairs is a sheer bonus.’

‘I always leave the sessions wishing they could go on for longer’

The group is a safe setting for you to meet with others who understand. The group will work with words and images which reflect your interests and thoughts, ideas and feelings. Some of these creative ideas have been collected and printed to read in folder format which can be expanded as the group continues to develop.

Pioneer Projects facilitates creative arts sessions in Bentham, Settle and Skipton for people living with dementia. The groups are fun, stimulating and full of care. See the gallery of OWNNOW  creative work and 3 OWN NOW films

There will be an artist led Pioneer Projects session (for the people living with dementia that you are caring for) running alongside the Carers group

“The sessions provide a focus in the week for us both to look forward to and derive benefit from in different ways. Creative and stimulating for him, support for me. I know there are people who do care and can support in practical ways. This helps us both to be more open about problems and eases feelings of stress and isolation.” (Carer)

If you wish to register for a place and/or for more information please contact – Jack Parkinson or Philippa Troutman

Tel:  015242 62672

E mail:

Address:  Pioneer Projects ( Celebratory Arts ) Ltd  King Street, High Bentham, LA2 7HG