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Celebration of new partnership with Orb and Igen

Claire Morris from Igen Trust met with our new Strategic Director, Leon Fijalkowski and Pioneer Projects trustees, Jane Burnett and Peter Knock to hand over a cheque marking the exciting beginning of collaborative work now happening in the new partnership between Orb and Pioneer Projects.

Claire describes Igen

“Igen is about education, but not restricted to young people in schools or conventional education, it’s about changing people’s lives. The change has to be measurable, there needs to be proof of outcomes and to some degree there is an element of sustainability – we will not generally give the same grant twice.

Most of the work originally was with young people but now it has developed and we work with a wide range of projects, learning disabled and mental health are all included as well as many other groups.

We invest in people, we don’t support capital assets or big charities, for example in one school we buy the food the children eat who otherwise would not have a meal but we would not buy equipment.

We need to see the evidence of changing people’s lives, the measurement of social impact.

When you start to work with Igen you become part of ‘our family’. You may ask, ‘how do I measure this, what are the tools?’ We share information and learning between projects, inviting experienced members of different projects to talk about what has worked well for them, linking projects up across the country. Recipients are positively encouraged to work together and all attend an annual conference to share good practice and of course to get to know each other.

Pioneer Projects is looking forward to improving our evaluation and presentation of the powerful and trans-formative work it achieves in our many creative sessions with vulnerable people. Many thanks to Igen for enabling us to share knowledge and learning with organisations across the country, ensuring that the benefits are captured in a meaningful way.

Pioneer Projects

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