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A Massive Thank You to all our Bentham Community Library Volunteers and staff team

6 months on we feel all the merrier here at Pioneer Projects by having you with us!
Some of you caught on camera at the Christmas ‘do’, have a wonderful festive season – look forward to seeing you in the New Year when we hope to continue hearing the laughter come up the stairs from the Library during opening hours.

Bentham Community Library July 2017

Bentham Library became a community-managed library in April as part of a transformation that requires all county libraries to be supported or run by volunteers to maintain and develop the service. Bentham Library re-located to the second floor of Looking Well Studios in May 2017 and was renamed as Bentham Community Library. The library is bright, welcoming and home to 4 public computers. Additional sessions include Book Group, Children’s sessions and IT training.

The library is run by a team of Pioneer Projects volunteers (previously known as Friends of Bentham Library) who receive training and support from North Yorkshire County Council.

“Many thanks to all at Pioneer Projects and Bentham Library for the work they have done, it was a great pleasure to visit with County Councillor David Ireton. The new library looks great, larger than I had heard, bright and welcoming. I particularly enjoyed listening about how the community of Bentham has rallied to help and the great work of all the volunteers. This is all about partnership – Pioneer Projects, the community and the County Council, we will make it a success after such a strong start!”

Richard Flinton, NYCC Chief Executive

"It was indeed a really uplifting event – one of the best I’ve attended"

Julie Blaisdale - Assistant Director – Library and Community Services

Bentham Community Library was launched in July 2017, to see the official press release click here

The library will be built on the three critical assets of people, place, and platform. It will work with all sectors of the community to align the library services with local community priorities, provide access to content in all formats and support the community to provide sustainable services by effective partnership working and alignment of services with Pioneer Projects and other local provision

Opening Hours

Opening Hours:
Monday 2.30pm - 5.00pm
Wednesday 10.00am - 2.00pm
Friday 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Saturday 10.00am - 12.00 noon