Pioneer Projects

Artist Professional Development

Continuing professional development is a cornerstone of Pioneer Projects practice.  We support freelance practitioners with whom we work via regular training and reflective practice sessions, as well as opportunities for mentoring and shadowing more experienced practitioners.

On occasion, training programmes are opened up to anyone interested in the field of arts and health.

What we have delivered

The core staff of Pioneer Projects are highly trained both in the Arts and working with a wide range of people with complex needs. We are trained in First Aid, Safeguarding, and Health and Safety to ensure we deliver safely and responsibly.

Some of our participants have gone on to become volunteers and to help and support others.

We employ Lead Artists who not only deliver diverse and engaging sessions but do so to people with complex needs and a wide range of abilities.

We have trained  our Artists who work with Dementia in the “Timeslip” methods

Timeslips description, “…a method that opens up storytelling to everyone by replacing the pressure to remember with encouragement to imagine.”

We also employ Assistant Artists and many of these become lead artists in time.

Andy Wild: Art and Empowerment

As a result of our Borders Project, we were able to work with Andy Wild to create his first ever exhibition. Andy has a brain tumour and epilepsy. In this film he talks about his illness and how he feels empowered through painting and by the experience of exhibiting his paintings.