Pioneer Projects



Creative expression enriches everyone’s life. The collections at Craven Museum and Gallery served as an intriguing starting point for discussion and artmaking.

The Artyfacts exhibition is the culmination of 10 creative sessions working with people who are living with dementia and their carers, run by Pioneer Projects in partnership with Craven Museum and Gallery.

Participants looked at artefacts from the museum collection and paintings from the Roebuck collection. Art making occurred during every session; participants experienced surface printing, painting, dry points and monoprints.  An exhibition of the artwork and artefacts and paintings was curated at Craven Museum and Gallery to great acclaim. The sessions were enormously popular and everyone is keen to repeat the experience.


‘My Mum has never picked up a paintbrush in her life but she has loved it. It is amazing what we have produced, people are finding out things about themselves that they didn’t know and they shouldn’t be written off.’

‘Looking at the art, it helps with making the art. It’s all connected’

‘The printing methods we have learnt are all new and completely absorbing’