Pioneer Projects

Lantern Procession

We have a community Lantern procession that lights up the way to the community bonfire.  We run lantern making workshops for all the family at Looking Well and also go into the local primary school to engage the children. We usually have a live street band to provide music and excitement.

We time the workshops to co-inside with half term so all the family can come in for the day to the Looking Well to make the lanterns, including holiday makers who come to Bentham specifically for this fantastic event.

Unfortunately we had to cancel in 2014 due to the unexpected additional costs of taking on road closure and traffic at a very late stage which proved to be a bridge too far for the procession. Pioneer Projects is still in process of finding adequate funds to re-ignite the Lantern procession leading everyone into the Auction Mart for the annual Bonfire and Firework display.

     Stalwart Lantern holders hold out against the Lashing Rain!