Pioneer Projects

Who we are

Our Mission

‘Pioneer Projects promotes and improves the health and well-being of individuals and communities using creative arts and celebration. The organisation’s ethos and working practices are based on the evidence that health and creativity are connected.’

Our Vision

‘Is a community where everyone acknowledges the importance of creative arts to the well-being of communities and individuals.’

We offer a variety of activities to the whole community, with participants of all ages and abilities. In response to a growing need some projects and regular sessions are tailored specifically for distinct vulnerable groups facing exclusion and health inequalities.

What makes Pioneer Projects unique:

  • has a modern, attractive and accessible building in the center of Bentham town
  • has been established in the local area for over 20 years demonstrating its capacity to adapt to changing landscapes and proving its resilience. This provides participants and funders with the reassurance that we are committed to the area and will sustain and further develop services, not just respond to short-term contracts and opportunities
  • hosts the Bentham Community Library
  • are the only specialist creative arts and health charity in the Craven district
  • our participants tell us that our groups are reliable, consistent and supportive, (with over 95% satisfaction rate) which makes them feel safe


Our Staff

Strategic Director
Training & Creative Arts Manager
Facilitator, Creative Respite Day Manager
Operations Manager

Our Artists

We are lucky to work with many professional freelance artists and assistants who lead and support Pioneer Projects activities.
Over the last year they have included: